Sewing Thigh Highs

sew your own seam stocking
Sew these adorable Thigh Highs from jersey, sheer mesh or some other 4-way highly stretchable fabric. It is recommended to sew with a serger (overlocker) as the stitch must stretch as much as your fabric. The pattern is medium size. If you need to alter the size it’s very easy along the center front line and horizontal lines. To increase the size add more space between the pattern pieces and decrease it by overlapping the pieces.


Thigh Highs Pattern #DL41
Fabric 1m (1 1/8 yd)
Elastic lace trim or elastic tape for the upper edge 1m (1 1/8 yd)


1. Cut the pieces from the double layer of the fabric. Seam allowances are included, except the upper edge of the stocking which seam allowance depends on the type of elastic you are going to use for finishing it.

2. Transfer the pattern markings to the fabric by cutting tiny snips into the fabric. Do not, however, cut into the sheer fabrics. Use pins instead.


1. Finish the upper edge of the stocking with lingerie elastic, elastic lace trim or with the elastic tape. Whichever you choose don’t stretch it while sewing.

Zigzag the elastic lace trim on the stocking body fabric.

2. Fold the stocking in half and hold the layers with pins. Start sewing from the heel. Seam (a). Stretch the seam gently while sewing.

3. Fold the foot bottom towards the back seam. Match the center notch to the back seam by pinning. Pin the other notches together as well. Keep the pins far enough from the edge to prevent them to be over sewn.
pinning the foot

4. Sew seam (b) beginning from the right toe.
seam around the foot

5. Cut out the toe corners, seams (c), as marked in the pattern.
corners cut
toe corners serged

6. Sew them with the serger. Turn the stocking right side out and put it on!