Make Bra

Make Bra is a craft site and an online shop for the lingerie sewing enthusiasts.

We sell lingerie patterns and
high quality European originated supplies.
We also teach the secrets of lingerie making.

Specializing in bra patterns, particularly in foam lined models, we have been able to develop the sewing process further during the years. You can enjoy the fruits of our work by following our free sewing instructions as well as attending our bra making course. It’s amazing that you can sew a bra using a home sewing machine!

Make Bra is owned by a Finnish company Annele Salonen Tmi. We have been in webshop business since 2011 delivering patterns and accessories all over the world.

It has been a pleasure to spread the joy of lingerie making!

Almost every woman, no matter in which part of the world, seems to spend their everyday life very much by taking care of the needs of others. Therefore, a small amount of time you can focus on yourself is very valuable. Making your own underwear provides you exactly that!

Bring your wildest lingerie dreams into reality. Those just your own.

Enjoyable moments of sewing