This HOW-TO page is a place for all detailed information, including videos, about how to make a bra and other lingerie. So, let’s start with the basics by making a foam lined bra from start to finish.

How to Make a Foam Lined Bra

Note that there is no audio available. We want you to focus visually on our method.

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Attach a Boning Casing


  • – Directly to fabric
  • – To the seam allowance

Sew the casing directly to fabric

Place the casing along a marked line on the wrong side of fabric. Stitch both edges with a very narrow zigzag.

Sew the casing on the seam allowance

Straight stitch the casing on the seam allowance as shown in the picture.

Turn the garment around and topstitch with the narrow zigzag. The other edge is left without stitching, the way the boning settles smoothly in the curvy seams as well.

Attaching a Silicone Backed Elastic

silicone backed elastic
Use a zipper foot for the first zigzag. Position the needle as right as possible and adjust the stitch width to 3mm and lenght to 2mm. Make sure the needle won’t touch the foot while sewing!

silicone strip elastic
Change the presser foot back to standard. Turn the elastic to the inside and topstitch in place with zigzag. Even though the silicone strip is against a needle plate, it won’t stick to it.

Attaching Underwire Casing

Place the underwire casing as in image and sew it so that stitch becomes over the seam joining cup and the band.
A. Place the underwire casing against the foam cup as shown in the image. The casing should be on top of the foam cup and band seam allowances. The inner edge of the casing should face toward the foam cup.

B. Line up the stitching on the casing with the stitching used to attach the cups to the band and sew in place, using the stitching on the casing as your guide.

C. Fold and pin the bottom band elastic in place. Fold the casing over the seam allowances, toward the bottom of the band and elastic, and edgestitch in place along the outer edge of the casing.

D. Turn the elastic over and zigzag in place. Depending on the width of the elastic used the zigzag should be 3.5-5 mm wide and 1.5-2.5 mm long.