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Make Bra Method

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Learn to Make a Foam Lined Bra

Make Bra method will revolutionize your idea of lingerie and really lets your creativity blossom when planning your next sewing project because you can use almost any kind of fabric for a cup cover and small decorations. And, you can make use of even the smallest pieces of fabric. Making a bra with your home sewing machine is fun and easy. Unbelievable, don’t you think!

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In this Learn to Make a Foam Lined Bra course we will dive into bra making world with

  • videos
  • step by step illustrations and texts
  • images

Even the most challenging details like attaching the underwire casing is demonstrated so clearly that after wading through the instructions you can carry it out eyes closed! And best of all, you can always return to the course and check the instructions again. You will learn to make three different models and three slightly different sewing techniques at one time. After finishing the course you can apply the techniques for your own designs. We guide you through the steps from laying out the patterns on a fabric to finishing the bra.

Model DL01, DL04 and DL02

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Comprehensive learning materials take into consideration different kind of learners. You can study by listening to the instructions and watch the video and/or concentrate on the written instructions and detailed drawings! The patterns are not included in price! You can find them in Make Bra webshop

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